Monday, 1 October 2018

Classification of Criminal Court

Under Section 6 : Classification of Criminal
 Under Section 6 (1): There are two typs of Criminal Court
          1. Magistrate Court
          2. Session Court
Under Section 6 (2): There are two types of  Magistrate Court.
         1. Judicial Magistrate Court
         2. Executive Magistrate Court
 Under section 6(3) : There are 4 types of Judicial court
        1. Chief Judicial Magistrate Court (CJM)
        2. Ist Class Magistrate Court
        3. 2nd Class Magistrate Court

        4. 3rd Class Magistrate Court

Note : Jurisdiction of Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate and Additional Chief metropolitan Magistrate are same.
Foot Note : According to the provision  of Section 6  of CrPC  only Magistrate Court are classified where Judicial Magistrate court 4 types but Session and executive Magistrate Court are not classified in accordance to this section where as