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What is doctrine of estoppel?Elements of estoppel

In section 115 of The Evidence Act-1872, it has been stated that
 " When one person has by his declaration, act, intentionally caused or permitted another person to believe a thing to be true and to act upon such belief neither he nor his representative shall be allowed in any suit or proceeding between himself and such person or his representative to deny the truth of that thing."

Explanation:- A intentionally and falsely leads B to believe that certain lands belongs to A , and thereby induce B to buy and pay for it. The lands afterwards becomes the property of A and seeks to set aside the sale on the ground that at the time of sale he had no title. He must not be allowed to prove his want of title. 
Elements of estoppel:-  There must be a representation by declaration.act or omission.
  1. The representation must be relate to a fact as distinguished from matter of law.
  2. The representation must be false and his false representation must have been made with the knowledge of facts I. E must have been made knowingly.
  3. It must have been made with the intention that the other party would act upon it.
  4. The other party must have been ignorant of the truth if the matter.
  5. The person to whom the representation is made must believe the representation and act upon it and thereby altered his position.
  6. The other party must have already suffered damage or injury or must have sustained some loss.
Q: Where estoppel is defined ?
(A)  Section 115 
(B)  Section 120
(C)  Section 118
(D)  Section 119
Q: Is Doctrine Estoppel enforceable by law?
(A) Yes
(B)  No
(C) If Courts considered
(D) None
Q: What is feeding the grant by Estoppel?
(A) Barred by estoppel
(B) Barred by weaver
(C) Barred by  doctrine of Res Judicata
(D) All

Picnic for Rafiq Law Acedemy-Organised by Bangladesh Bar Council exam candidates

Today is performing annual picnic on behalf of "Rafiq Law Academy" at Civil Surgeon Residence campus behind Satkhira Sadar Hospital which is organised by Bangladesh Bar Council Exam- 2017 candidates.All the friends and well wishers are invited to share this moment of joy with us through Facebook or other web media.The convenor of this picnic is Mr Altaf Hossain consisting 3 executive member to organise.Annual picnic of Rafiq Law Academy was held behind Satkhira Sadar Hospital on 30 th Dec 2016.The picnic was organised by the candidates who are prepared to be appeared in the Bangladesh Bar Council advocate ship exam 2017.Altaf Hossain was the picnic committee convenient consisting of two members Asad Hossain Babu and other Jobber Ali.The picnic was attended by Councilor Advocate Rafiqul Islam,Taslima Khatun,Ruby Akther,Bilkis Jahangir,Farjana Akter,Sumon.Sharmeen Akter,Sharmin,Anis,Rubel with his wife,Mukul,Sanjida Akter Shanta,Aysee and others candidates for Bangladesh BaCouncil exam-2017.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Filing criminal case under Code of Criminal Procedure, (Act No. 5 of 1898)

The way of filing criminal case:

The commission any offence committed by the offender the case is filled agai st him.There are two ways if commencing criminal case against the offenders as follows-

The first Information Report:

The First Information Report can be oral or written.In spite of giving the FIR orally the informer has to sign on the written paper or give the finger print/thumb impression after writing the case.In section 154 of the Code of Criminal Procedure-1898,it has been stated about the procedure of filing the first information report that-
" Every information relating to the commission of cognizable offence if given orally to the officer in charge of a police station,shall be reduce to writing by him or under his direction and be written by him or under his direction and be read over to the informant and every such information whether given in writing or reduced to writing as aforesaid shall be entered in a book to be kept by such officer in such form as the government may prescribe in this behalf".
on this basis of having information by telegram or telephone the police officer will go to the place of accurence and write the real fact by hearing of the informant also get the signature or take the finger print/thumb impression on the written first information report,then it will be considered as the complete first information report.On the condition the first information report is not accepted as the fundamental evidence.According  to the section 157 of The Evidence Act-1872 it is accepted in support of the former statement of witness to be proved to corroborate the later testimony as to same  fact of stet enemy's of the witness tending to Corroborate evidence of relevant fact is admissible.

The use of First Information Report(FIR):

Generally the filing of First Information Report is two types:(1)G R case(2) Non G.R case.Though the filing of The First Information Report the place time fact reason and purpose of commuting the offence is mentioned by the informant .These ingredients will indicate the accused towards the punishment by considering the witness evidence and proof of the case.The case should be filled without delay after the commission of the criminal offence.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Res-Judicata MCQ tutorial for Bangladesh Ba Council Exam

Res-Judicata means pre-trial and final judicial decision of the court of the competent jurisdiction.It is a Latin term and borrowed from Roman law which means "One matter already judged".The matter once adjudicated, can't be re-adjudicated.If the matter once pronoun between the parties, can't be contradicted by any one.The same subject matter can't arise between the same parties.If it is found that once the issue has been settled by the court,can't arise in any stage of future between the same parties or co parties with the same subject matter.
In the word of SPENCER BOWER,Res-Judicata means 'a final judicial decision pronounced by judicial tribunal having competent jurisdiction over cause or matter in litigation and over the party therto'.
Res-Judicata is applied either question of law or question of facts,sometime it'both.
In section 11 of The code of Civil Procedure-1908,it has been stated that "No court shall try any suit or issue in which the matter directly and substantially in issue in a former suit between the same parties or parties under whom they or any of them claim.litigating under the same title in a competent court to try such subsequent suit or the suit in which such issue has been subsequently raised and has been heard and finally decided by such court ".
It included six explanations such as-
1.The expression of former suit shall denote a suit which has been decided prior to the suit in question whether or not it was instituted thereto.
2. For the purpose of this section,the competence of a court shall be determined irrespective of any provisions as to a right an appeal from the decision of such court as was set up in the suit this means there shall be identify of the subject matter in both the suits.
3. The matter above referred to must in the former suit have been alleged by one party and either denied or admitted, expressly or implied, by the other.
4. Any matter which might and ought to have been made of defense or attack in former suit shall be deemed to have been a matter of directly and substantially in issue in such suit.
5. Any relief claimed in the plaint, which is not expressly granted by t he decree shall for the purpose of this section be deemed to have been refused.
6. Where person litigate bonafide in respect of a public right or of a private right claimed in common for themselves and others all person interested in such right shall for the purpose of this section be deemed to claim under the person so litigating.

Friday, 23 December 2016

Provisions to institute civil suit MCQ tutorial,jurisdiction and interpretation

How to institute Civil Suits

In order to institute civil suits concern law under Code of Civil Procedure,1908 described from section 15-20.These as followings:
1.Section 15:Every civil suits shall have to institute within the pecuniary and territorial jurisdiction which is meant for the lowest jurisdiction under this code.
Example: "A" intends to sue against "B" for suit for declaration and recovery of immovable property. The subject matters is situated under the jurisdiction of Rama Police station ,Dhaka and the suit value is Tk, 200000/ ( Two lac ) only. So as per provision of section 15 under this code "A" shall have institute his suit against "B" before the concern  Asst. Judge of Ramna Police station, Dhaka because pecuniary jurisdiction is binding upon as per section 6 of this code where same same territorial jurisdiction is binding  upon as per section 16 of this code.
How civil suits be instituted?
(a) The lowest jurisdiction of the Civil Court.
(b) The lowest jurisdiction based on pecuniary and territory
(c) The lowest jurisdiction based on pecuniary
(d) All
Where is the provision of institution of Civil Suits ?
(a) Section 15-20 of the code
(b) Section 16-18 of the code
(c) Section 15-18 of the code
(d) section  16-20 of the code
2. Section 16: Where subject matters is situated, suits to be instituted there.
This section includes these following matters of suits:-
(A)  All the subject matters of mesne profit and rent. Controll suit of immovable property.
(B) Partition suits for immovable property.
(C) Suit for redemption of  immovable property.
(D)  Suits for compensation.
(E) Suit for compensation  of mischief or others
(F)  Suits for compensation of movable property if is attached  property.
Example: "B" intends to sue against "C" for suit for declaration and recovery of immovable property. The subject matters is situated under the jurisdiction of Rama Police station ,Dhaka,So as per provision of section 16 under this code "B" shall have institute his suit against "C" before the concern  Senior Asst. Judge of Ramna Police station, Dhaka ( if the value of subject matters bellow than 400000/)because pecuniary jurisdiction is binding upon as per section 6 of this code where same same territorial jurisdiction is binding  upon as per section 16 of this code. Finally this section is called for territorial jurisdiction or local jurisdiction,

3. Section 17:Suits shall have to institute within any of the jurisdiction if the subject next matters are situated one  or two jurisdiction.
4. Section 18: Suits shall have to institute if the subject matters are situated in various jurisdiction with uncertainty of specific jurisdiction.
5.Section 19: Compensation of immovable suits shall have to be instituted where the defendants is residing or doing business or doing some profitable works or the movable property is involved to sue a suit.
6. Section 20:Except section 15-19 all others suits shall have to institute where the cause of action is being raised or the defame rants one or more than one residing  lately.

Nature of civil suits MCQ tutorial information,interpretation and explanation

Section 9: The civil courts shall have jurisdiction to try all types of civil suit unless barred expressly or implied lay.
Explanation : Civil nature suit means the suit in which the right to property or an office is contested in a suit notwithstanding that such right may depend entirely on the decision of questions as to religious rights and ceremonies.

MCQ Format:

Where civil nature suit is described under Code of Civil Procedure?

(a) Section 9 under CPC
(b) Section 6 under CPC
(c) Section 10 under CPC
(d) None

What does it means by civil nature?

(a) Right to property,
(b) Right to contesting as an office
(c ) Both a and b
(d) All

What is the general jurisdiction of civil courts?

(a) Section 6
(b) Section 9
(c) Section 10
(d) None

How Mach explanation of section 9 under Code of Civil Procedure?

(a) One
(b) Two
(c) Three
(d) None

Where subject matters jurisdiction is provisioned ?

(a) Section 6
(b) section 9
(c) Section 3
(d) Section 10

Which are suits for Civil nature?

(a) Suits for declaration under section 42 of Specific Relief Act,1877
(b) A case is lodged by FIR under section 307/395/34 of penal Code
(c) Suites for Permanent Injuction under section 54 of Specific Relief Act,1877
(d) Both a and c

What is subject matters ?

(a) Nature of suits either civil or criminal
(b) Nature of case either civil or Criminal
(c) Both a and b
(d) None

Which one is civil nature types of suits?

(a) All types of title suits
(b) All types of right to property suits
(c) All types of right to an office suits
(d) All

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Jurisdiction of the Civil Courts MCQ tutorial for Bangladesh Bar Council

    Section 3: As per section 3 of The Code of Civil Procedure,19087 subject to other provisions  District Judge is subordinate to the High Court Division ,Addl District Judge,Joint District Judge, Senior Asst. Judge and Asst. Judge  and Small causes Courts are subordinate to District Judge and High Court Division.

    1.Where pecuniary jurisdiction is described ?

    (a) Section 3 under CPC
    (b) Section 6 under CPC
    (c) Section 9 under CPC
    (d) Section 10 underCPC

    2.Where subject matters jurisdiction is described ?

    (a) Section 3 under CPC
    (b) Section 6 under CPC
    (c) Section 9 under CPC
    (d) Section 10 under CPC

    3.Where territorial jurisdiction is described ?

    (a) Section 6 under CPC
    (b) Section 16 under CPC
    (c) Section 9 under CPC
    (d) Section 15 under CPC

    4.What kinds of jurisdiction under Code of Civil Procedure,1908?

    (a) 3 Types of jurisdiction under CPC
    (b) 3 Types of jurisdiction under CPC
    (c) 3 Types of jurisdiction under CPC
    (d) None

    Wednesday, 21 December 2016

    Subordination of Civil Courts under Code of Civil Procedure,1908

    1.What is subordination of Civil Court under Code of Civil Procedure,1908

    I a) District Judge,Addl.District Judge,Jointr Session Judge,Senior Asst.Judge,Asst. Judge
     (b)District Judge,Addl.District Judge,Jointr District Judge,Senior Asst.Judge,Asst. Judge
     (c)District Judge,Addl. Session Judge,Jointr District Judge,Senior Asst.Judge,Asst. Judge

    2.Where subordination of Civil Court is described  ?

    (a) Section 3
    (b)Section 6
    (c)Section 9 d)
    Section 10                                                        

    3.How much Civil Court are under Code of Civil Procedure,1908?

    (a) 6 
    (b) 5
     (c) 9 
    (d) None

    4.What is  classification of Civil Courts?

    (a) 6
    (b) 5 
    (c) 9
     (d) None

    5.Where classification of Civil Court are described ?

    A: (a) The Civil Courts (Amendment ) Act,2001
          (b) The Code of Civil Procedure,1908
          (c)  The Civil Court Act,1887
          (d)  All

    6.Where classification of Civil Court are describetd ?

    A: (a) Section 3 of Code of Civil Procedure,1908
          (b) Section 3 of  The Civil Court (Amendment) Act,2001
          (c) Both (a) and (b)
          (d) Nonev

    7: Which section subordination of Civil Courts described ?

    (a) Section 3
    (b) Section 6
    (c)  Section 9
    (d) Section 4

    8:Which is correct in regards of Civil Court the jurisdiction ?

    (a) District Judge,Addl.District Judge and Joint District Judge are subordinate to High Court Division
    (b) Senior Asst. Judge,Asst. Judge are subordinate to District Judge and High Court Division
    (c) Small Causes Court is subordinate to District Judge and high Court Division
    (d) All

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    An introduction of Civil Appeal in the High Court Division

                                    IN THE SUPREME COURT OF BANGLADESH
                                                    HIGH COURT DIVISION
                                        (CIVIL  APPELLATE  JURISDICTION)
                                    FIRST APPEAL TENDER NO………………/2016
                                    FIRST APPEAL NO……………………………/2016
                                                                                                    IN THE MATTER OF
                                                                                                    Son of…………….
                                                                                                    Of Village………………..
                                                                                                    Police Station……………
                                                                                                    Son of…………….
                                                                                                    Of Village………………..
                                                                                                    Police Station……………

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    Friday, 14 October 2016

    What is the difference between a good Lawyer and bad lawyer

    • What is the difference between a good Lawyer and bad lawyer ?Ans: A bad lawyer can let a case drag out for several years and a good lawyer can make i last even longer.

    • A woman and her little girl were visiting the grave of the little girl's grandmother. On their way  through the cemetory back to the car,the little girl asked," Mummy, do they ever bury two people in the same graver ?" "Of course not, dear," replied the mother."Why would you think that ? "" The tombstone back there said,"Have lies a Lawyewr and honest man "

    • As the lawyer awoke from surgery,he asked," Why ar the blinds (Curtains) drawn?". The nurse answered," There is fire across the street, and we did not want you think you had died ".

    • One day a contract law class , the professor asked one of his better students," Now if you were to give someone an orange ,how would you go about it ?".The student replied ," Okay, i would tell him,I hereby give and convey to you all and singular,my estate and interests,rights,claim,tittle and advantages with full power to bite,cut,freege and otherwise eat,the same or give the same way with and without the pilp,juice ,rind and seeds,anything herein before or hereinafter or in any deed,or deeds.instruments of watever nature or kind whatsover to the contrary in anywise nothingstanding.."

    Tuesday, 11 October 2016

    MCQ Tutorial -The Code of Civil Procedure,1908(Part-3)

    ১৫১। আর্থিক এখতিয়ারের বিধান ? ক) ধারা- ৬ খ) ধারা -৩ গ) ধারা- ৮ ঘ) ধারা- ৯
    ১৫২। যুগ্ম জেলা জজের আর্থিক এখতিয়ার কত? ক) ৪,০০,০০১ টাকা থেকে অসীম খ) ৪,০০,০০-৫০,০০০,০০/-
    গ) ৫,০০,০০০-৫০,০০০,০০/- ঘ) কোনটাই নয়।
    ১৫৩। মালিকানা বলিতে কি বুঝায়? ক) ভোগের খ) দখলের গ) হস্তান্তরের ঘ) উপরোক্ত সবগুলি।
    ১৫৪। দেওয়ানী প্রকৃতির মোকদ্দমা কি? ক) সকল প্রকারের স্বত্বের মোকদ্দমা খ) সকল প্রকার অধিকারের মোকদ্দমা
    গ) সকল প্রকার পদের অধিকার ঘ) উপরোক্ত সবগুলো।
    ১৫৫। নিচের কোনটি দেওয়ানী প্রকৃতির মোকদ্দমা? ক) খাজনা আদায়ের মোকদ্দমা খ) স্বত্বের মোকদ্দমা
    গ) মারামারির মোকদ্দমা ঘ) উপরোক্ত সবগুলো।
    ১৫৬। নিচের কোনটি রেস সাবজুডিসের বৈশিষ্ট?
    ক) সম এখতিয়ার সম্পন্ন আদালত খ) অভিপ্রায়ের ভিন্নতা গ) অভিন্ন স্বত্ত্বাগাম ঘ) ক ও গ উভয়ই
    ১৫৭। রেস সাবজুডিস কি? ক) মামলার বিচারে বাধা খ) ঝঃধু ড়ভ ংঁরঃ গ) মোকদ্দমা স্থগিত কারণ ঘ) সবগুলো।
    ১৫৮। রেস সাবজুডিস একটি- ক) আরবি শব্দ খ) ল্যাষ্টিন শব্দ গ) ফারাসি শব্দ ঘ) ফ্রান্স শব্দ
    ১৫৯। রেস সাব জুডিসের কারণে কোন মোকদ্দমাটি স্থগিত হইবে?
    ক) পূর্ববর্তী মোকদ্দমাটি খ) পরবর্তী মোকদ্দমাটি গ) ক ও খ উভয়ই ঘ) উপরোক্ত সবগুলো।
    ১৬০। রেস সাবজুডিসের তৎপর্য কি? ক) পূর্ববর্তী মোকদ্দমাটি স্থগিত হয়ে যাবে খ) পরবর্তী মোকদ্দমাটি স্থগিত হইবে
    গ) কোনটাই নয় ঘ) পূর্বের সিদ্ধান্ত বহাল হইবে।
    উত্তর। ১৫১ (ক),১৫২(ক), ১৫৩ (ঘ),১৫৪(ক), ১৫৫ (খ),১৫৬(ঘ), ১৫৭ (ঘ),১৫৮(খ), ১৫৯ (খ),১৬০(ক)

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    Top Most Ways To Improve Lifetime Bone Health

    In our fundamental couple of years of life, our bones are making at a noteworthy rate. They make to permit us to slither, walk, weave, run and everything else in transit. This profits all through youth and energy. In any case, different individuals think minimal about that once we find the opportunity to be grown-ups our bone thriving starts to incapacitate. This is by and large all the more significant for ladies. Not making sense of how to guarantee solid sound bones can impel conditions, for occasion, osteoporosis. In any case, there are a couple of things you can do to keep up and even update your bone flourishing for the straggling remains of your life.

    To impel bone flourishing, you have to execute sound nourishment and development affinities. These can be the best way to deal with solid bones. You have to profit by each chance to fuse quality.

    By beginning the right dietary and wellbeing structures you can guarantee you have all the right things continuing to enhance your present bone flourishing and what's more avoid further breaking down and the hazard of further thriving issues.


    Calcium is the establishment of solid bones. This, and in charge of solid teeth, the surge of a few hormones, muscle compressions and nerve hailing. Being inadequate in calcium can incite an entire host of success issues from loss of ravenousness to heart palpitations.

    Thusly, an irrational measure of calcium can in like way acknowledge troublesome issues and over supplementing with calcium ought to be kept up a key detachment from. Wealth calcium can impel kidney stones and even stroke.

    Rich Foods Calcium

    Calcium rich nourishments are the most ideal approach to manage confirmation you get enough calcium to keep your calcium stores at an appealing level. There are different sustenances that are high in calcium and guaranteeing at any rate some of these into your reliably eating regimen can help you keep up the right level of calcium. Some calcium stuffed sustenances include:

             Dark Leafy Greens

             Low Fat Cheeses

             Low Fat Milk and Yogurt

             Soy

             Beans

             Nuts

    Supplements of Calcium

    In the event that you don't get enough dietary calcium one approach to manage beat up your supply is through supplementation. There are different supplements open to seek, regardless, the two best ate up by the human body are calcium carbonate and calcium citrate.

    Vitamin D

    Different individuals don't perceive how critical vitamin D is as to bone flourishing. Vitamin D is basic for us to be able to hold calcium. Nonattendance of vitamin D can induce rickets and a debilitated safe framework. Along these lines, getting enough is fundamental.

    Presentation of Sun and Vitamin D

    The most ideal approach to manage get vitamin D is through presentation to the sun. Shockingly for a couple people, their property run alone redirects them for seeing the sun for an extensive segment of the year. Moreover, skin pigmentation and the utilization of sunscreen can in like way discourage you getting enough vitamin D from the sun.

    Rich Foods of Vitamin D

    There are diverse sustenance that contain vitamin D in any case, most don't contain enough to give your prescribed orderly aggregate. Some vitamin D rich sustenances include:

             Oily Fish (Trout, Salmon, Swordfish)

             Mushrooms

             Fortified Whole Grain Cereals

             Eggs

    Vitamin D Supplements

    The most ideal path for the general population who don't get enough vitamin D through sun associate is with take vitamin D supplements. The best differentiating alternative to go for is vitamin D3 supplements which have the best ingestion.

    Phenomenal Strength/Resistance Training

    The best sort of activity to streamline bone flourishing is quality arranging. Working out with included weight guarantee and store up bone quality. Resistance get prepared puts weight on your bones. Their reaction is to prop cells which make new bone material. In this manner bone thickness is expanded or if nothing else kept up.

    Adding quality get prepared to your well being association is an amazing approach to manage empower significant set up bone success. You can work with weights or even your body weight. Ricochet squats, press ups and pull ups are all example of significant worth get prepared practices which require no mechanical assembly.

    In the event that you may need to begin a quality get prepared association, 2-3 times each week is an awesome thought to profit quality get prepared passes on to the table including drawing in bone thriving.

    You can read more about the significance of significant worth arranging and in addition tips and insights where to begin today.

    So there are your essential three approaches to manage keep up significant set up bone thriving. Begin considering these sound affinities today to stay solid.

    Wednesday, 28 September 2016

    Important tips of the Code of Civil Procedure,1908

    ১।সমন জারির দিন হতে আদালতের অনুমতিসহ মোট কত দিনের মধ্যে লিখিত জবাব দাখিল করতে হয়? উত্তরঃ ৬০ কর্মদিন।
    ২। দেওয়ানী মোকদ্দমায় আদালতের অনুমতিসহ আত্ম পক্ষ সমর্থনের সর্বোচ্ছ মোয়াদ কত দিন? উত্তরঃ ৬০ কর্মদিন।
    ৩। সমন জারির দিন হতে কত কর্মদিনের মধ্যে জবাব দাখিল না করলে মামলায় একতরফা ডিক্রি হবে? উত্তরঃ ৬০ কর্মদিন ।
    ৪। সমন জারির ফিস প্রদান বা কোর্ট ফিস প্রদান না করার কারণে মোকদ্দমা খারিজ আদেশ রদ করার দরখাস্তের সময়সীমা কতদিন?
    উত্তরঃ ৩০ কর্মদিন।
    ৫।পক্ষগণের অনুপস্থিতির জন্য মোকদ্দমা খারিজ আদেশ রদ করার আবেদন করার তামাদি মেয়াদ কত দিন?উত্তরঃ ৩০ কর্মদিন।

    Sunday, 25 September 2016

    Specific Relief Act, 1877 (Act No. I of 1877).-Bangladesh Laws

    ১। ধারা ৮ অনুযায়ী দখল পুনরুদ্ধারের মামলা বেদখলের তারিখ হতে কতদিনের মধ্যে করতে হবে?
    ক) ১২বছরের মধ্যে খ) ২১ বছরের মধ্যে গ) ৯ বছরের মধ্যে ঘ) এক দশকের মধে
    ২। ধারা ৯ আনুযায়ী দখল পুনরুদ্ধারের মামলা বেদখলের তারিখ হতে কতদিনের মধ্যে করতে হবে?
    ক) ৩ মাসের মধ্যে খ) ৬ মাসের মধ্যে গ) ১২ বছরের মধ্যে ঘ) ৯ বছ৭রের মদ্যে
    ৩। কোন ধারায় সরকারের বিরুদ্ধে মামলা করাযায় না?
    ক) ৯ ধারায় খ) ১২ ধারায় গ) ক ও খ ঘ) কোনটিই নয়
    ৪। যে সব চুক্তি সুনির্দিষ্টভাবে বলবৎ করা যায় সেগুলো কত ধারায় বলা আছে?
    ক) ৮ ধারায় খ) ৯ ধারায় গ) ১২ ধারায় ঘ) ২১ ধারায়
    ৫। যে চুক্তিগুলোর কার্যসম্পাদন আদালতের আদেশের মাধ্যমে সম্ভব নয়, সেটা কত ধারায় বলা আছে?
    ক) ৮ ধারায় খ) ৯ ধারায় গ) ১২ ধারায় ঘ) ২১ ধারায়

    Friday, 23 September 2016

    Bangladesh Bar Council Exam MCQ Model Test -2016

     বাংলাদেশ বার কাউন্সিল পরীক্ষা- এম সি কিউ-২০১৬

    দেওয়ানী কার্যবিধি -১৯০৮

    রিভাইজড ইসু

    ১।দেওয়ানী কার্যবিধি প্রথম কবে প্রণীত হয় ?  (ক) ১৮৫৭ (খ) ১৮৫৯ (গ) ১৮৭৭ (ঘ) ১৮৮২
    ২।দেওয়ানী কার্যবিধি কি আইন ?(ক) পদ্ধতিগত আইন (খ) অছিব্যজ্ঞক আইন ও পদ্ধতিগত আইনের সংমিশ্রন (গ) বিধিবদ্ধআইন (ঘ) খ ও গ
    ৩।দেওয়ানী কার্যবিধি কবে প্রকাশিত হয় ? (ক) ২২ শে মার্চ ১৯০৮ (খ) ২১ শে মার্চ ১৯০৮ (গ) ২১ শে মার্চ ১৯০৯ (ঘ) কোনটাই নয়।
    ৪।দেওয়ানী কার্যবিধি কার্যকর হয় কবে থেকে ? (ক) ১ লা জানুয়ারী ১৯০৮ (খ) ১ লা জানুয়ারী ১৯০৯ (গ) ১লা জুলাই ১০৯৮ (ঘ) কোনটাই নয়।
    ৫।(ক)দেওয়ানী কার্যবিধিতে কয়টি ধারা আছে ?
    (ক) ধারা ১৫৮টি আদেশ ৫০টি (খ) ধারা ১৫৮ টি আদেশ ৫১টি (গ)ধারা ১৫৫টি আদেশ ৫১টি (ঘ)ধারা ১৫৫টি আদেশ ৫০টি

    Wednesday, 21 September 2016

    The Constitution of Bangladesh

    Tips and Terms of MCQ and Written Exam of Bangladesh Bar Council

    MCQ Tutorial- The Code of Civil Procedure,1908

    MCQ Cotest

    Important5 Guide to Create Responsive Web Design

    A large portion of the clients over the globe are making utilization of moved contraptions with completely specific undertakings and similarly screen sizes. It has changed into a vital necessity for relationship to make a site that is wanted to be responsive and sufficiently perfect with any gadgets and diagrams, particularly on the off chance that they are looking forward in redesigning their compass among a more expansive social event of people. Considers propose most by a wide margin of the clients getting the chance to web are PDA clients emerged from desktop clients. That itself demonstrates the essential for a responsive web course of action in the present business condition.